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We will be there during this difficult period. We ensure that all funerals are properly executed, from start till end. Each detail will be meticulously taken care of, as arranging a dignified funeral is our pride. Professional funeral services will also offer you emotional support through collaborative support groups to help begin an optimistic healing process.

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Grief Counseling

Our team of Funeral Directors are there to listen, to communicate and to ensure that the family’s requirements are promptly taken care of. This is where Singapore funeral shines the brightest. The professional directors at your disposal will help manage and navigate through every proceeding with streamlined efficiency.

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Confidence Funeral

Our team is always ready to render assistance to the bereaved family. We share our knowledge to ensure that the proceedings are smoothly carried out. This Singapore funeral service is designed to provide you with meaningful burial communications along with ensuring that each and every single ritual is professionally and passionately performed.

About Us

Welcome To Confidence Funeral Services Pte Ltd.

Founded in 2010, we aim to provide a resourceful range of services, products and advisories in the area of pre-planning, funeral arrangement, grief counselling, will writings, financial and estate management.

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Emergency Call

Take our hand as we guide you through the entire process when a death of a loved one occurs. The first step would be to reach out to us at our 24 hour hotline at +65 9021 0010. Every step of the way, we’ll explain all the options available to you. We’ll give you all the time you need to feel confident about making the right choices for you.

Funeral Services You Can Trust Us With

From start to the end, we are there for you.

Advance Funeral Planning

We provide comprehensive Advance Funeral Planning, allowing families to prepare for the loss of a loved one. Our services include Will Writing, Financial & Estate Planning, and Pre-planning of funeral services, relieving families of stress and enabling them to honor the departed's wishes efficiently.

Funeral Arrangement

It takes strength in dealing with a loved one's death. Understanding the emotional toll, Confidence Funeral Services in Singapore provides assistance with funeral arrangements. We take care of a variety of tasks to lessen the load during this trying time, including wake venue management, religious ceremonies, cremation or burial arrangements, photography, apparel, obituaries, body care, embalming, makeup, and setup.

Post Funeral Support

After the funeral, the healing process may take additional time. Through counselling, our dedicated team is committed to supporting you and facilitating your healing and progress in life.
You can rely on our team for genuine support as we assist you in navigating the post-funeral period. We understand that this journey is challenging, which is why our funeral services are characterised by compassion and understanding.

Funerals We Specialise In

We take great pride in conducting compassionate and personalized Funerals during your time of need.


You Can Refer To Our Commonly Asked Questions To Understand The Process Better.
What to do when death occurs in hospital/nursing home?

Call us at 90210010 and we will advise you on what is going to happen and the things to prepare. Wait for the doctor to issue the Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD) and subsequently, you will be guided to process the electronic Death Certificate (eDC) from the My Legacy Web portal. Retrieve the eDC and wait for our Funeral Director and Team’s arrival at the hospital/nursing home.

Call us at 90210010 and we will advise you on what is going to happen and the things to prepare.
Call your own family doctor or request for our medical doctor to be on scene to certify the cause of death. Prepare all medications, medical history, discharge memos, and other relevant health related matters with reference to your beloved ones.
The medical doctor will determine if the death is a natural/unnatural death before issuing the CCOD. If foul play and/or unnatural death is suspected,
and in the event of inability to certify as natural death, the police will be called into the premises.

No. You do not need to make any upfront deposit payment for funerals wholly managed and executed by Confidence Funeral Services Pte Ltd.
No. You will only make One Single Final Bill payment to Confidence Funeral Services Pte Ltd, as long as all items, products, services were rendered by our company and our network partners.

Yes. Since 2010, Confidence Funeral Services Pte Ltd, has made it a point to only collect the final bill payment 7 days after funeral day. This will allow family the time to grief and recollect the memories of the final journey with your beloved ones and most importantly to rest well after the several days of physical and emotional loss.

This is our Signature Pre Planning Arrangement (PPA) where we will meet up with family members who are willing to go through more in depth discussion on the final journey of their beloved ones. We encouraged families to go through this process so that you can understand what are the Essential, Optional and Aesthetics components of a funeral arrangement. Through this process, you will be able to prepare the necessary logistic requirements, the financial budget and discuss amongst yourselves the various deciding factors on the wake venue, the religious rituals, the crematorium, the columbarium niches and other post funeral matters.
This PPA is generally appropriate for those who have been diagnosed with critical illness or in a palliative care in a nursing home or home palliative care.

Not many are aware, but we have been helping many individuals to plan their own funeral arrangements through their own requirements and discussion with Confidence Funeral Services Pte Ltd. These individuals are healthy, mobile, financially independent, loves to travel, still working, have no siblings or relatives in living, and probably have also written their own Will, their Advanced Medical Directive (Singapore) or even Lasting Power of Attorney (Singapore). They have entrusted our company in handling their final journey matters with the help or an Executor/Witness in our LPA (Legacy Planning Arrangement) document.

Yes. Call us at 90210010 and we will make an appointment to speak with you on your specific requirements.


Supporting families as they cope with grief, we are proud to have served you.

Thank you Zen and Crystal and team. You have been highly professional in guiding and explaining the procedures for the funeral. It really helps our
family with the closure in dealing with the loss of our loved one.
From the very beginning, Zen has helped a lot and explained to us what would happen at each step. This helped us in making informed decisions for
the funeral arrangement. Pricing at Confidence Funeral Services is transparent. Zen do let us know the estimated cost and any other services that might
be chargeable.

Mr Tay Chit Chin

We had no idea where to begin, you walked us through each part. The care and attention you gave to us was second to none. Your highly professional
but very friendly approach has certainly assisted us through this difficult time in our lives. We are grateful to have Zen there to honour our Pa’s life. I
can not recommend Zen & the Team enough, they were truly incredible from start to finish. Grateful thanks to Zen & Team.

Ms Fiona Tan

I’d like to express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Zen and Confidence Funeral Services Pte Ltd during the recent bereavement of my late mother
Mdm Woo Fong Ngoh.
The passing of a loved one is always painful. I’m grateful of Zen’s service in coordinating the grieving family and the contractors so we can spend
whatever time we’ve left with our deceased mother.
Thank you Zen, for guiding and supporting us during this difficult time. You made a real difference!

Mr Wai Meng Wong

Apologies, Zen, Funeral Director, for the delay in my review. I am now expressing my immense gratitude towards Zen and his team through this 2-in-1 review.
In Sep 2022, my mother-in-law passed away, and we reached out to Zen late at night. Despite the hour, he patiently explained all the details until well
past midnight. Zen is exceptionally thorough and meticulous, ensuring no step or detail is missed. His guidance on what to do and what not to do may
seem long-winded, but it’s these small but crucial details that truly matter. He never hesitated to address my numerous questions via WhatsApp, even
many months later👍
Due to his outstanding service and expertise, I recently enlisted his services again when my brother passed away. Words cannot express my gratitude
for the unwavering support provided by Zen and his team.
I wholeheartedly recommend Confidence Funeral Services for anyone in need of a comprehensive funeral service.

Ms Cerina Teo

Thank you for helping us navigate these hard times. You listened to us and made it easy for us. 5 star service 💯

Ms Viven Milburn

My dearest youngest sister passed away on the 18th March and based on recommendation, our family engaged Confidence Funeral Services.
Zen and Crystal turned up shortly and they were like angels to our family, providing professional and clear advices to us, wrt the funeral proceedings.
They were very prompt in meeting our requests and provided valuable advices to ensure the family handled the grieving period with zero worries to
the wake matters.
Bravo Zulu to Zen, Crystal and the team and our heartfelt appreciation to them.

Mr Eric Chong


Ms Ho Siew Fun

Thank you Confidence Funeral Services for your committed work. It was really outstanding and left us with great impression.
Greatly appreciated the advice and assistance you have rendered during our period of bereavement 20Jan to 23Jan. Your guidance and advice were
great. On behalf of the Lim Family, we thank you for the great support.

Ms Amy Ng

5 years ago when my late dad passed away..Zen helped us with the funeral wake..5 yrs later in early Nov…My dearest mum passed away too…I quickly called Zen and he came within 45 minutes to meet us in hospital and followed us through till mum was sent for embalming…for the last 4 days..he had guided us the whole procedures and ceremony..update and reminded us in gp chats…His services are excellent…Thk u young and promising gentleman.

Ms Apple Ong

You can count on Zen🙏
It was by chance to engage him and we believe God has sent him to help us in settling our ancestor issues. He is especially patient in hearing our problems n offered options in great details for my elder parents to consider.
He has the personal touch and ensure all matters are properly managed. Thumb up to his service and fees are transparent and very reasonable.
Above all, we had everything in the good hands of Zen. Thank you u from me and my family🙏🙏🙏

Ms Veronica Then

Zen, thank u for being an awesome funeral director!
We appreciated your co-ordinate and helping us through the process from beginning to end… spent time explaining each step helped us make
decisions and feel in control of a very hard situation… ensuring all the details of my Dad’s funeral went smoothly.
Thanks again

The Tan family

Very professional service by Zen from Confidence Funeral Services. Everything was well executed from the start till the end. A lot of things that is
going on is well briefed by Zen as well. I would strongly recommend this company for those who are looking for funeral services. Thank you Zen and
Confidence Funeral Services Pte Ltd on me and my family behalf. would give 11/10 😀

Mr Kim Kei

Thank you Zen for being there for us during the passing of my beloved grandma. During such emotional moment, it’s difficult for us to focus on
handling all the details of the funeral. It’s really comforting to know that we can just let you gently guide us through all the process, knowing that you
are there to oversee the funeral, and allowing us the time and space to really grief our lost. A peace of mind, is how I would describe your service.

Ms Joey Tan

Dear Zen, on behalf of my family I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for conducting my mum’s funeral service at her final journey.
From start to end, you have been coming down every night helping, listening and briefing us during our difficult time. Because of your sincere service
during our grief, we feel more comfortable and also lighten our burden of sorrow. You are really talented and inspirational. Once again, please accept
my entire family thanks for you and your teams for the amazing, dignified and professional service. Appreciated.”感恩”

Ms Rosalind Sia

“Put it simply, if I ever have to organise a funeral proceeding again or have to recommend a funeral director in Singapore, Zen Goh is the man.

The passing of your loved ones is always painful and that was not any different for me. However, I am extremely thankful and appreciative of Zen’s service from the point he shuttled down to the hospital within the hour to give us a detailed rundown of what to expect to the small gestures he done during the course of the funeral.

Zen is extremely professional, detailed and alert as a funeral director. He is able to effectively coordinate with the grieving family members and supporting contractors so we can focus on spending whatever time we have left with our my deceased grandma.

Without a doubt, he has made a huge difference not only in my grandma’s final pit stop in life, but more so, for my entire family.

Thank you Zen, the world needs more people like you.”

Benjamin Loh

“I am writing in to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks to you and Confidence Funeral Services during the recent bereavement of my late Uncle Chung Yat Wah. I am very grateful to you and your staff for all the Funeral arrangements that have been made during the entire Funeral proceeding and process.

I am also very impressed by the attentiveness, care and concern in all your dealings with me and my family members, relatives and friends. From very first day I met up with you, all our needs have been very well taken care off like Funeral arrangements procedures, choice of venue, Funeral wake settings and decorations, Christian Prayers by Pastors, Sound System set up, Prayers/Funeral Timings Confirmation, ordering of meals and refreshments, transport arrangements, liaising with Mandai Crematorium Officers, recommending and enquiring on behalf of us about Niche placement procedures and cost. All the procedures and processes have been clearly explained to us. You have consistently been attentive to all other relevant requests and needs which we have requested you to assist us during the three days and have constantly updating us at site and advising us on what is the best way to handle various situations.

You have also work closely and recommended accordingly to our Budget requirement. I am very glad that all these careful and prompt arrangements have been handled by you. We are very grateful for your constant presence, great help, care and concern during those three days. Not only that you have also follow up by sending us pictures and videos for our remembrance. Thank you very much too for contacting and updating us after the Photos of the Niche had been fixed two months later.

I am very glad that I have met you and have engaged you and Confidence Funeral Services for your excellent services rendered for all the Funeral arrangements of my late Uncle Chung Yat Wah. On behalf of all my family members, relatives and friends, I would sincerely like to thank you again for all your confidence, kind, sincere, caring and knowledgeable attitude shown towards me, family members,relatives and friends during one of the sad chapters of our Lives. God Bless and Thank You.”

Esther Chan





1. 按照客户的经济能力,灵活安排葬礼仪式。

2. 一切以客为尊,灵堂布置的十分典雅精致。

3. 时时与顾客沟通,交流,跟进。让葬礼顺利进行。

4. 对不同宗教籍貫的风俗礼仪,酌情商议。解释的简单,明瞭,清楚。

5. 在葬礼过后,后续跟进服务十分尽职。

6. 为逝者籌办一场莊嚴的葬礼,以爱心,誠意,高素质的服务送往生者最后一程。感恩。

人的一生,每个人的终点都是一样。花开花落自有时,叶若离枝化春泥。把思念深深埋藏在心底,缘起缘灭。把握当下,珍惜眼前。 ”


“Zen and his team was a godsend during the time of grief that my family was going through. In such times, it is nice to know that you can rely on someone that you trust and will put you and family’s best interests at heart.
I have known of companies that will take advantage of the family’s vulnerability and exploit it as an opportunity to make money. But Zen was transparent, prompt and also there when we needed him. He went over and above to help us to prepare for services and sometimes even personally moving chairs and tables himself.
I would highly recommend him to all my friends and relatives as someone that you can trust and rely on in your time of grief.”

Neo Su Yin