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3 Heartfelt Ways to Honour the Memory of Your Loved Ones


Dealing with loss is one of the most difficult trials life puts us through. Overcoming grief and reaching acceptance takes time and requires support. Nonetheless, while their physical being may no longer be with us, we can still preserve the memory of our loved ones as they continue living in our hearts. Whether you are […]

3 Important Elements in a Catholic Funeral

3 Important Elements in a Catholic Funeral

A major branch of Christianity, Catholicism is rooted in a rich tapestry of beliefs and values centred on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Catholics uphold the Bible as sacred scripture and adhere to traditions passed down through generations within the Church. However, unlike Christianity, Catholic authority lies in the pope and the Roman Catholic Church, […]

3 Essential Elements of a Buddhist Funeral

Buddhist funeral in singapore

With over 1.07 million individuals identifying as Buddhists, Buddhism is the most represented religion in Singapore. As such, Buddhist funerals are frequent occurrences and many of us may have encountered one. However, those who are unfamiliar with Buddhist funeral services might be wondering more about the traditional funeral rituals and customs involved. If you are […]

3 Qualities of a Good Funeral Service Provider

Casket In Funeral

Experiencing loss may just be one of the most difficult ordeals we go through in life and having to plan a funeral while grieving makes this period even more challenging. From booking a location and hosting attendees to ensuring smooth proceedings, organising a funeral takes careful attention and effort to guarantee a respectful final sendoff […]




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