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What Are The Essential, Optional & Aesthetic Components In A Funeral Service

What are the essential, optional & aesthetic components in a funeral service

Every funeral is unique. It serves as the last farewell for the deceased and immortalises their memories with loved ones. Funeral rituals help people heal from loss in ways words cannot. A funeral service speaks volumes about your spiritual, cultural, and religious beliefs. It also reflects the personality of the deceased and that of their […]

A Guide To The Common Types Of Funeral Services Held In Singapore

A Guide To The Common Types Of Funeral Services Held In Singapore

PART 1 – INTRODUCTION Singapore is a cosmopolitan society with people from various races and religions. Among the most common faiths in Singapore include Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and many more. Due to these various religions, a funeral service in Singapore may differ depending on the beliefs of the departed and their family. Each […]

What Are Some Essential Funeral Arrangements To Be Made?

what are some essential funeral arrangements to be made

Planning a funeral is an emotional process that is often shrouded by uncertainty. While it is advisable to pre-plan a funeral and discuss one’s end-of-life wishes with their loved ones, many Singaporeans often do not do so as death is still widely considered a taboo topic by many.  However, without proper guidance, when tragedy strikes […]




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