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Attending a funera wake

The Various Steps In Planning A Funeral In Singapore

Attending a funeral wake

Death is a sensitive topic for many Singaporeans. As such, plenty of people often put off pre-planning their funerals, as they find it to be a morbid thought. However, when a tragic loss occurs, the bereaved family members are left with the unenviable task of arranging a funeral service for their loved ones.

If you find yourself tasked with planning a funeral service but remain unsure of how to give the departed a dignified send-off, we are here to help. Let us outline the steps you need to take when planning a funeral in Singapore.

Step 1: Determine the cause of death

It is natural for you to struggle with the passing of a loved one, especially if the death is sudden. Unfortunately, you need to take immediate action, as all deaths in Singapore must be registered within 24 hours. You will require a Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD) for the registration process.

If the death occurs at home, you will need to contact your general practitioner (GP) to determine if the cause of death is natural before they can issue the CCOD. Conversely, should the death happen at a hospital, an attending doctor will assist in examining the deceased.

If the cause of death cannot be identified or is unnatural, the doctor will have to refer the matter to the police. Subsequently, the body will be transported to the Mortuary@HSA for a review. Should an autopsy be required, the next-of-kin will be informed of the decision and updated on when they can collect the body.

Step 2: Register the death

Before proceeding with the funeral arrangement, you need to register the death with the assistance of the nurses in the hospital and you will be issued with an eDC (electronic Death Certificate) using the My Legacy portal. You will also no longer be required to separately register the death in a police station.

If the deceased is referred to the Mortuary@HSA, you need not register the death separately. Instead, the staff at HSA will assist you with the procedure. You will be issued with the eDC once the registration is complete.

Step 3: Contact a funeral director

Immediately contacting contact person

Arranging a funeral during this turbulent time is undoubtedly a challenging endeavour. With emotions still running high and a multitude of things to consider and prepare, it is easy for anyone to be overwhelmed by the entire process. This is where a funeral director can step in to alleviate your workload, allowing you to focus on grieving your loved one.

They can assist you in determining the ideal funeral service package that matches your needs. Furthermore, you can rest easy as the logistics for the wake will be handled by the funeral director. This includes obtaining the necessary approvals and permits, the preparations for the funeral, the arrangement of the prayers, and more.

Step 4: Burial or cremation

Visiting a loved one at the cemetery

In addition to arranging the funeral, you will need to decide on a proper send-off for your loved one. Do they prefer to be cremated or buried? For the former, your funeral director can help you book a date and time slot for the cremation.

You will also have to decide if you wish to store the ashes at the Mandai crematorium or a private columbarium operated by a temple. Alternatively, you can choose to scatter the ashes of your loved one at sea if that is their last wish.

Conversely, you will have to contact Choa Chu Kang Cemetery to arrange for a land burial if your loved one prefers to be buried. Do remember to bring along the following documents for verification before the burial:

  • Death certificate (original copy)

  • Permit to bury (original copy)

  • Identification papers of next-of-kin and applicant

  • Letter of authorisation (only applicable if the applicant is not a next-of-kin)

Planning a funeral for your loved one can be an onerous task, especially when you are still processing your grief. Do not hesitate to seek assistance if you find the entire process overwhelming. A helping hand can aid you in finding solace during this uncertain time.

At Confidence Funeral Services, we understand it is not easy to juggle the various responsibilities associated with arranging a funeral while coping with your loss. So allow us to assist you in providing your loved one with a dignified send-off. Feel free to contact us if you require assistance with the planning of the wake.




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