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What To Know About Sending Funeral Flowers For A Buddhist Funeral

What To Know About Sending Funeral Flowers For A Buddhist Funeral

Expressing condolences and honouring a departed loved one through funeral flowers is a widely practised tradition. However, when it comes to a Buddhist funeral, it becomes crucial to take specific factors into account to ensure that the floral arrangements are suitable and respectful. If you’re considering sending funeral flowers to someone who is mourning the loss of a loved one, here are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing which flowers to send.

Choose appropriate colours

Choose appropriate colours-funeral flowers

Colours carry deep symbolic significance in Buddhism, making the selection of appropriate hues for funeral flowers of utmost importance. In the context of Buddhist funeral services, white stands as the preferred colour, representing the traditional association with mourning. White signifies purity, peace, and the attainment of spiritual liberation. It serves as a visual representation of the departed’s transition from the physical realm to a state of enlightenment. In addition to white, one may also consider employing other neutral shades like cream or light yellow, as they are commonly regarded as fitting choices for Buddhist ceremonies. Keep in mind to steer clear of vibrant or excessively bright colours, as they might be deemed unsuitable or disrespectful in this context.

Select an arrangement

Once you have determined the appropriate colour scheme, the next consideration revolves around the arrangement itself. In Singapore, flower wreaths or sprays are commonly chosen for funeral flower arrangements as they offer convenience in terms of display at wakes or funerals.

Moreover, many florists offer the option to include a message on the arrangement. Opt for simple yet fitting expressions like ‘Deepest sympathy’ or ‘Condolences,’ or if you prefer, you can craft a more personalised message. This allows you to convey your heartfelt sentiments and add a personalised touch to the arrangement, making it even more meaningful for the bereaved family.

Types of flowers

Types of flowers-funeral services

In Singapore, condolence wreaths are commonly used at funeral services to express sympathy. While fresh flowers are traditionally used, some flower shops also include plastic flowers in their arrangements. Plastic flowers are chosen for their durability, maintaining their appearance for a longer period compared to fresh flowers. Availability of specific fresh flowers can also be a factor, and plastic flowers resembling desired varieties can meet the family’s preferences.

That said, fresh flowers still hold significance in Buddhist funeral services. Lotuses, chrysanthemums, lilies, orchids, and carnations are commonly chosen for their symbolic meanings of tranquillity, purity, and spiritual enlightenment. The lotus flower, representing the highest level of spiritual awakening, is especially significant. Fresh lotus flowers are preferred, but if not available, plastic lotus flowers can be used as substitutes to maintain the symbolic representation.

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Sending funeral flowers for a Buddhist funeral requires careful consideration and adherence to certain cultural and symbolic aspects. By following these guidelines, you can express your sympathy and support to the bereaved family in a thoughtful and considerate manner.

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