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Post Funeral Support


Post Funeral Support

Following a service, the healing process will often begin for most people. We understand it is not easy to walk onwards, and we want to be there when you need support. Confidence Funeral Services not only supports you through the beginning to the actual ceremony, we continue to support you after the funeral through services such as Grief Counselling, Memorial Services and more.

Memorial keepsake jewellery, offering solace through remembrance.
Counselling session, supporting through post-funeral and memorial services.


We are in collaboration with various support groups and professionals in the field of counselling. Thus, we are able to provide robust support and counselling to the bereaved family in this time of loss. Get in touch with our Funeral Directors here.

Organized memorial service, respecting post-funeral service traditions.


A memorial service is a way to formally honour the memory of the departed. Hence, you are able to personalise the memorial service based on the departed’s life. It may include music, poetry readings, spiritual sources, the person’s own work, remembrances from family and/or friends or any other ways for people to honour and remember the departed.


If your loved ones were buried in Singapore’s past or present burial grounds and you wish to exhume the remains, we also provide assistance in carrying out exhumation and relocation requests. Our services will be conducted in a respectful and dignified manner.

Other Services

Funeral Arrangement

It takes strength in dealing with a loved one's death. Understanding the emotional toll, Confidence Funeral Services in Singapore provides assistance with funeral arrangements. We take care of a variety of tasks to lessen the load during this trying time, including wake venue management, religious ceremonies, cremation or burial arrangements, photography, apparel, obituaries, body care, embalming, makeup, and setup.

Memorial Keepsake Jewellery

An Intimate Keepsake with your Loved Ones

Funeral Food Catering

Thanking Family & Guests for their Presence and Support

Condolence Wreaths

Here at Confidence Funeral, we have a group of experienced florists partners who can craft beautiful flower arrangements that imbue solemnity and peace. As part of the funeral arrangements in Singapore, these flowers can be used to decorate the venue and make it into a garden of flowers.

Repatriation Services

Bringing Your Loved Ones Home

Burial Services

Interment is the last and most important part of an honourable funeral rite for our loved ones. This is our send-off and final memory with them.Therefore, we offer both cremation and burial services in our funeral arrangements to help you make the right decisions for your loved ones.