Who are we

We are a team committed to arranging a dignified funeral for all,
across all ethnicities, religions and creeds.

We help the bereaved families during this tormentor period. Giving them a peace of mind while we handle the funerals respectfully and smoothly from the start till the end is our forte. Professional Funeral Directors who are able to communicate effectively and listen empathetically will be serving you through the period. We believe in giving your love ones a presentable and dignified funeral in the mist of rising funeral cost and we strive to bring to the awareness of cultural traditions (heritage inheritance) encompassing ethnic-tolerance and racial-harmony.

Why Confidence

Losing a loved one can be hard to comprehend.

During this grieving process, Confidence Funeral Service strives to provide a peace of mind for the families. We believe in creating meaningful communication with you, while undertaking the proper rituals of a funeral. As professional funeral directors, we take pride in overseeing the proceedings smoothly from start till end. After all, a well-planned farewell is a form of respect to the departed, and the living.

A departure is an intimate moment. Each life is truly unique, and has its own story to tell. That’s why we’re there at each funeral. To see through the final journey with/alongside the family. Together, we will honour the story of your loved one and preserve your final memories with each other.