Taoist Funerals have a long history since ancient Chinese days.

Taoist Funeral wakes are based on the family ethnic group and depending on the scale of the Taoist Funeral wake, the Taoist Funeral rituals may last between 1-3 days. A Taoist Funeral wake consists of Taoist Setup with a separate Taoist Altar setup. At the end of the ritual ceremony, there will be the offering of paper products for the beloved ones.

Every ethnic group has their roots from ancient China and during the Taoist Funeral wake, the deliberate displays and sounds based on different ethnic groups will be an eye-opener for the younger generation and a reminiscence for the older folks.

Funerals in a multi-racial, multi religious society in Singapore, involve both the religious rituals, customs and traditions of the various ethnic groups. As an educator in this industry, we share the knowledge and experiences with families, seeking to minimise the misconceptions, myths, and empower families with the knowledge to make well informed decisions for their beloved ones in their final journey.

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