Taoist Funeral Service Package

Taoist Funeral in Singapore is based on the family ethnic group and depending on the scale of the Taoist Funeral wake, the Taoist Funeral rituals may last between 3-5 days. A Taoist Funeral service consists of Taoist Setup with a separate Taoist Altar setup. At the end of the ritual ceremony, there will be the offering of paper products for our beloved ones.

Every ethnic group has their roots from ancient China and during the Taoist Funeral wake, the deliberate displays and sounds based on different ethnic groups will be an eye-opener for the younger generation and a reminiscence for the older folks.

Funerals in a multi-racial, multi religious society in Singapore, involve both the religious rituals, customs and traditions of the various ethnic groups. As an educator in this industry, we share the knowledge and experiences regarding Taoist funeral services with families, seeking to minimise the misconceptions, myths, and empower families with the knowledge to make well informed decisions for their beloved ones in their final journey.

Confidence Funeral Services Pte Ltd has various Taoist Funeral packages for your beloved ones. Please contact us for inquiries on Taoist funeral packages we are offering.

Why choose Confidence Funeral Services Singapore

Confidence Funeral Services has been offering various memorial services in Singapore over the years. With our wide experiences in handling most of the funeral services based on various religious practices in the country, you can guarantee that we can give your loved ones a dignified and honourable funeral from start to finish. We also offer a complete line of services and flexible funeral arrangements to offer you the best assistance during this trying time. Some of our services include memorial service, parlour rentals, tent rentals, interment service (cremation or burial), funeral flower arrangement, catering (upon request) and repatriation (when necessary). We also offer all-around assistance to help you have time to properly grieve with your family. We will arrange most of the paperwork and coordination tasks for you and we will be reachable anytime until the funeral rite is accomplished. This way, you will not need to worry about the preparations and necessities involved in giving your loved one an honourable funeral.

How long are Taoist funerals

Taoist Funeral Services may differ depending on the local group that is holding the ceremony. Due to the varying practices for Taoism in many countries and regions, cultural groups in Singapore who are practising this religious belief have developed their unique variation of the funeral rite. For this very reason, it is also difficult to tell exactly how long a Taoist funeral in Singapore can last. Outside the religious concerns, there are also some reasons including waiting for relatives to come and pay their final tribute, conflicts with other occasions and more. However, we can say at least that for most cases, a Taoist funeral service often takes an odd number for the duration. For instance, it could last for 3 days, 5 days, a week etc.

Within these days, several Taoist priests are invited to perform chants and prayers for the departed. They would also play drums or string instruments. During the final night, the relatives would be asked to burn joss papers to offer to the departed. Most of the time in recent years, interment is made through cremation on the funeral day.

Taoist Funeral Ritual

Taoist funeral services place a greater emphasis on celebrating the life over mourning the death, with ceremonies performed to safeguard the deceased’s spirit from harm. Incense, elaborate food offerings and flowers, as well as loads of paper products, surround the place where the funeral rite is being held.

During a Taoist funeral service, some of the Taoist priests would also play instruments to accompany the chants. The priest would then ward off evil spirits with his sword and destroy the pre-positioned tiles to liberate the departed from the holds of the underworld. In some other practices, a priest would kneel before the deity, as a form of prayer for the soul of the deceased.

Taoist funeral packages often include elaborate food and fruit offerings as these are crucial parts of the ceremony. Joss papers are also prepared upon request of the priests or the bereaved family for the last night of the funeral service.

Funeral Pre-Planning in Singapore

As a popular saying goes, we do not know when we will be called to rest but we can be certain that we will all end there. Thus, it is only just to have some plans or preparations for such an event, not for us but for our family. We offer funeral pre-planning for individuals who wish to settle this important matter as early as possible.

Funeral Arrangements in Singapore

Apart from our impeccable assistance during the whole memorial service, we have been offering several services to make funeral arrangements as smooth as they can be. We have flexible arrangements for flowers, venue, catering and interment to allow the bereaved family to choose and customise the funeral rites they wish for their departed.loved ones.


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