Will Writing

Your hard-earned wealth must fall in good hands upon your departure. Will writing is a crucial part of a funeral pre-planning. Drawing a proper Will can help the rest of the family members to tide over a difficult period. This is an especially important process with the passing of a family’s sole breadwinner so the inheritance or assets left behind by the person will be properly distributed to the members of the family he/she wished to leave those fortunes with. An independent financial company will be engaged to handle and manage your funds and estates, leaving your family at ease financially. This is one of the most assured methods of ensuring the wishes of the departed are respected and legally executed. Thus, preparing your will is crucial not only for the benefits of the people you will leave behind but for your peace of mind as well.

Pre Planning

Everyone is fated to pass this world in his own time. While death can be a tragic occurrence for us, we should also remember that it is a celebration of life, a time to remember the better days spent with the departed. Since death is an inevitable thing, it is important, for us living, to make the necessary preparations for when that time comes. Funeral pre-planning is essential to both the departed and the bereaved family. It involves various preparations including drafting a will, getting life insurance and memorial service insurance, and more. This will make sudden passing more bearable financially and emotionally (as they will have more time to grieve) for the people who will be left behind. If you think you are ready to start planning for your own funeral, get in touch with us for an appointment. Our friendly Funeral Directors will be on hand to discuss your wishes and plans.

Financial &
Estate Planning

Most of our funeral pre-planning clients are getting our services to have their finances and assets settled before the inevitable. They are looking for a trusted entity to make good of their last will and final wishes for the benefits of the people they left behind, especially their families and beneficiaries. As part of our commitment to providing the best services as a funeral director in Singapore, we partner with other entities to deliver these services. We have a network of established financial companies whose expertise include financial and estate planning that are able to provide the necessary assistance to the bereaved family in times of need. Be it Financial or Estate Planning, we have the right resources to assist and guide you. Contact Confidence Funeral today to talk about your plans for your pre-funeral arrangements and we will be happy to assist you and protect your confidentiality with this endeavour.