Free Thinker Funeral Package and Services

Free Thinker Funeral Package and Services

There Are No Religious Rituals Performed During The Wake Period In The Free Thinker Funeral Wakes.

However, families may include the various ethnic and cultural practices accordingly to the various ethnic groups.

There are no restrictions to the conduct of the funeral procession and families can discuss on the procedures with our Funeral Directors. On funeral day, the cortege will proceed to either the Crematoriums for cremation or the Choa Chu Kang Cemetery for burial.

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Package Details

Package 1


HDB Void Deck / MPH

Number of Days:

3 Days

What’s included:

  • Manpower Services
  • Preparation of Memorial Ceremony
  • Funeral Procession Service

Package 2


HDB Void Deck / MPH

Number of Days:

4 Days

What’s included:

  • Manpower Services
  • Preparation of Memorial Ceremony
  • Funeral Procession Service

Package 3


HDB Void Deck / MPH

Number of Days:

5 Days

What’s included:

  • Manpower Services
  • Preparation of Memorial Ceremony
  • Funeral Procession Service

Man Power Services

The Standard Funeral Package Price will consists of our Manpower to discharge your beloved ones from the Hospital Mortuary/Nursing Home/Home. This will also include our Transportation to bring your beloved ones from the Mortuary to our Embalming Theatre, thereafter once we performed the required washing, cleaning, shaving, embalming, dressing and make-up services, we will bring your beloved ones to the Designated Wake Venue.

Our staff/crew will also be making daily trips to the Wake Venue to ensure all processes and preparations are in good order and to go through any Changes or Confirmations in any of the Funeral Arrangement processes.

On Funeral Day, our staff will be present to ensure the Final Journey of your beloved ones will be a smooth journey including a 45-Seater Aircon Bus provided to bring family members, relatives and guests to the crematorium.

Preparation Of Memorial Ceremony

Our Network Partners will work tirelessly behind the scenes in getting ready the Wake Venue premises to receive your beloved ones. They will prepare the necessary Tentage Setup with Lightings, Fans, Tables, Chairs, Reception Table, Altar Table, Table Cloths, Backdrop with Decorative Accessories, Flora Arrangements and any Religious Altar Setup if necessary.

Our Network Partners will also setup the necessary Mobile Toilet together with the Chiller and also Consumables such as the packet drinks, mineral water, tissue boxes, peanuts, sweets, snacks, paper plates, bowls and cutlery all on Consignment basis. All these are provided for the family’s convenience so that you can more spend time with one another in this difficult period.

Funeral Procession Service

Confidence Funeral’s Free thinker Funeral services and packages will give the most appropriate, solemn atmosphere to assist the soul of your loved one on its journey into the next world.

Funerals in a multi-racial, multi religious society in Singapore, involve both the religious rituals, customs and traditions of the various ethnic groups. As an educator in this industry, we share the knowledge and experiences with families, seeking to minimise the misconceptions, myths, and empower families with the knowledge to make well informed decisions for their beloved ones in their final journey.


Process of advance planning

Let us handle the details and help you in your advance planning

Your loved one is on their final journey / nearing their final days

Doctors / Nurses have told you to start preparing

You want to be financially and mentally prepared

You want to know what to do when death occurs

Trust The Confidence Brand, Attain A Peace Of Mind

Our Heart, Our Pride

Efficient Funeral Arrangements

We will be there during this difficult period. We ensure that all funerals are properly executed, from start till end. Each detail will be meticulously taken care of, as arranging a dignified funeral is our pride. Professional funeral services will also offer you emotional support through collaborative support groups to help begin an optimistic healing process.

We Understand Your Need

Grief Counseling

Our team of Funeral Directors are there to listen, to communicate and to ensure that the family’s requirements are promptly taken care of. This is where Singapore funeral shines the brightest. The professional directors at your disposal will help manage and navigate through every proceeding with streamlined efficiency.

Professional & Experienced

Confidence Funeral

Our team is always ready to render assistance to the bereaved family. We share our knowledge to ensure that the proceedings are smoothly carried out. This Singapore funeral service is designed to provide you with meaningful burial communications along with ensuring that each and every single ritual is professionally and passionately performed.

Our Commitment to our Clients

Confidence Funeral Services Pte Ltd has various Free Thinker Funeral packages for your beloved ones. We will be happy to assist you with all the necessary arrangements and ceremonies to be conducted to ensure that your departed loved ones will receive the funeral rites that will make him/her worthy of a better future in the after-life. Our experience in providing Free Thinker funerals to our previous clients made us aware of how we should handle the rites better and how we can further assist the bereaved families in giving their departed loved one the memorial service he/she deserves. Should you wish to give your loved one a Free Thinker funeral service in Singapore, we at Confidence Funeral Services are here for you. Please contact us to find out more about our services and packages.


You Can Refer To Our Commonly Asked Questions To Understand The Process Better.
What to do when death occurs in hospital/nursing home?

Call us at 90210010 and we will advise you on what is going to happen and the things to prepare. Wait for the doctor to issue the Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD) and subsequently, you will be guided to process the electronic Death Certificate (eDC) from the My Legacy Web portal. Retrieve the eDC and wait for our Funeral Director and Team’s arrival at the hospital/nursing home.

Call us at 90210010 and we will advise you on what is going to happen and the things to prepare.
Call your own family doctor or request for our medical doctor to be on scene to certify the cause of death. Prepare all medications, medical history, discharge memos, and other relevant health related matters with reference to your beloved ones.
The medical doctor will determine if the death is a natural/unnatural death before issuing the CCOD. If foul play and/or unnatural death is suspected,
and in the event of inability to certify as natural death, the police will be called into the premises.

No. You do not need to make any upfront deposit payment for funerals wholly managed and executed by Confidence Funeral Services Pte Ltd.
No. You will only make One Single Final Bill payment to Confidence Funeral Services Pte Ltd, as long as all items, products, services were rendered by our company and our network partners.

Yes. Since 2010, Confidence Funeral Services Pte Ltd, has made it a point to only collect the final bill payment 7 days after funeral day. This will allow family the time to grief and recollect the memories of the final journey with your beloved ones and most importantly to rest well after the several days of physical and emotional loss.

This is our Signature Pre Planning Arrangement (PPA) where we will meet up with family members who are willing to go through more in depth discussion on the final journey of their beloved ones. We encouraged families to go through this process so that you can understand what are the Essential, Optional and Aesthetics components of a funeral arrangement. Through this process, you will be able to prepare the necessary logistic requirements, the financial budget and discuss amongst yourselves the various deciding factors on the wake venue, the religious rituals, the crematorium, the columbarium niches and other post funeral matters.
This PPA is generally appropriate for those who have been diagnosed with critical illness or in a palliative care in a nursing home or home palliative care.

Not many are aware, but we have been helping many individuals to plan their own funeral arrangements through their own requirements and discussion with Confidence Funeral Services Pte Ltd. These individuals are healthy, mobile, financially independent, loves to travel, still working, have no siblings or relatives in living, and probably have also written their own Will, their Advanced Medical Directive (Singapore) or even Lasting Power of Attorney (Singapore). They have entrusted our company in handling their final journey matters with the help or an Executor/Witness in our LPA (Legacy Planning Arrangement) document.

Yes. Call us at 90210010 and we will make an appointment to speak with you on your specific requirements.