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A Guide To The Common Types Of Funeral Services Held In Singapore

A Guide To The Common Types Of Funeral Services Held In Singapore

PART 1 – INTRODUCTION Singapore is a cosmopolitan society with people from various races and religions. Among the most common faiths in Singapore include Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and many more. Due to these various religions, a funeral service in Singapore may differ depending on the beliefs of the departed and their family. Each […]

The Differences Between A Catholic And Christian Funeral

sunrise hands with cross

Christianity is one of the most widely practised religions in the world. The religion is divided into various sub-groups, with the Christians in Singapore generally identifying as Catholic or Protestant. Despite both faiths deriving their teachings from Jesus Christ, there are subtle differences between both practices that may not be obvious to non-practitioners. And these […]

What Are The Customs And Rituals Of A Buddhist Funeral

Buddhist funeral in singapore

Buddhism is one of the most popular religions in Singapore, with about a third of the population practising this faith. And the religion’s teachings extend beyond its practices in daily lives; it also extends to the funeral service when the practitioner passes away. If you have been invited to attend a Buddhist funeral service but […]




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