Decisions to be made
  • venue of wake
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  • number of days
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  • religious rites
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  • cremation or burial
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  • photograph & clothing
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  • obituaries
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    dressing & makeup
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    preparation of consumables
At the wake
  • gathering of family
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  • arrival of
    religious leaders
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  • prayers
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  • mourning
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  • prayers
    before funeral
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Funeral day
  • funeral send-off
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  • cremation or burial
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  • collection of ashes
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  • following prayers
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Other Services

Confidence Funeral Services will assist the bereaved family to make reservations on Sin Ming Parlours, Teochew Parlours, Mount Vernon Sanctuary and Mount Vernon Parlours when required. These parlours are subject to availability and subject to the rules and regulations under these private operators.

Confidence Funeral Services offers different rental of funeral parlours for our clients to consider and hold the memorial service for the final journey of their loved ones. This service is often a part of our funeral arrangements in Singapore to offer an alternative space for families to hold the wake, for their sheer convenience and comfort, but it can also be optional should you have a different venue in mind.


In a memorial service where tentages, tables, chairs, lightings and fans will be provided,additional tentages may be required for extension of space to provide adequate space and shelter for visitors. We include tentage rental in our funeral arrangements to provide our clients the assistance they need to properly grieve and send off their departed loved ones.


We offer bus transportation services for our clients to aid them during the memorial service. With the proper and fitting vehicles on funeral day, the whole ceremony will be convenient as we understand that all of us wish to send off our loved ones in a rightful and most convenient way.


Interment is the last and most important part of an honourable funeral rite for our loved ones. This is our send-off and final memory with them.Therefore, we offer both cremation and burial services in our funeral arrangements to help you make the right decisions for your loved ones.


With years of experience in handling funeral arrangements in Singapore, we have built strong relationships with religious leaders to provide traditional and even personalised ceremonies based on the departed’s religious belief. You may request for this service should you wish to have assistance for the ceremonies.


A part of our team, here at Confidence Funeral , we have a group of experienced florists partners who can craft beautiful flower arrangements that imbue solemnity and peace. As part of the funeral arrangements in Singapore, these flowers can be used to decorate the venue and make it into a garden of flowers.


Upon request from our clients, Confidence Funeral offers food and catering services. We serve meals and refreshments during the memorial service and after the interment. You may also talk to our team for a request on the choice of food we will serve in case you have your preference.


We understand how difficult it is to mourn when your departed loved one is overseas apart from you. For this reason, we offer a repatriation service as part of our funeral arrangements to help you bring your loved ones home and be given a memorial service that is suitable for your culture.