“I am writing in to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks to you and Confidence Funeral Services during the recent bereavement of my late Uncle Chung Yat Wah. I am very grateful to you and your staff for all the Funeral arrangements that have been made during the entire Funeral proceeding and process.

I am also very impressed by the attentiveness, care and concern in all your dealings with me and my family members, relatives and friends. From very first day I met up with you, all our needs have been very well taken care off like Funeral arrangements procedures, choice of venue, Funeral wake settings and decorations, Christian Prayers by Pastors, Sound System set up, Prayers/Funeral Timings Confirmation, ordering of meals and refreshments, transport arrangements, liaising with Mandai Crematorium Officers, recommending and enquiring on behalf of us about Niche placement procedures and cost. All the procedures and processes have been clearly explained to us. You have consistently been attentive to all other relevant requests and needs which we have requested you to assist us during the three days and have constantly updating us at site and advising us on what is the best way to handle various situations.

You have also work closely and recommended accordingly to our Budget requirement. I am very glad that all these careful and prompt arrangements have been handled by you. We are very grateful for your constant presence, great help, care and concern during those three days. Not only that you have also follow up by sending us pictures and videos for our remembrance. Thank you very much too for contacting and updating us after the Photos of the Niche had been fixed two months later.

I am very glad that I have met you and have engaged you and Confidence Funeral Services for your excellent services rendered for all the Funeral arrangements of my late Uncle Chung Yat Wah. On behalf of all my family members, relatives and friends, I would sincerely like to thank you again for all your confidence, kind, sincere, caring and knowledgeable attitude shown towards me, family members,relatives and friends during one of the sad chapters of our Lives. God Bless and Thank You.”