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4 Things To Consider When Deciding On A Funeral Parlour

Choosing the right funeral parlour in Singapore is invaluable in ensuring a smooth and seamless procession from start to end. This allows grieving parties to have sufficient privacy and clarity of mind while reducing their emotional, mental, and physical burdens, allowing them to walk through this challenging period with greater ease. Here are 4 things to consider when choosing a funeral parlour.

1. Services

Every funeral is a unique event which commemorates the life of the deceased, while providing loved ones a final chance to grieve, pay their respects and reflect the meaning of life and death. To that end, funeral parlours offer extensive flexibility and options for funeral services in Singapore, such as the duration and venue of the wake, casket options and clothing for the deceased, along with body cleaning, embalming, and dressing. Other services include setting up of the venue and food catering options, floral arrangements, as well as setting up tentages and seating accommodations.

On top of the aforementioned services, reputable funeral service providers in Singapore offer templates to ease the funeral process, helping families reduce the burden in planning and deciding. They also offer packages suited to various budgets, delivering quality service regardless of package choice. In addition to regular cremation and conveyance to columbariums, funeral services also offer options such as sea and green burial following cremation, depending on the deceased’s last wishes. 

2. Religious Rites

As a multi-racial and religious society, Singaporeans come from diverse religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, and Catholicism, amongst others. Each of these religions has their own unique rites that must be strictly adhered to, which ranges from setting up altars for Taoist funerals to having a short service and worship for Christian funerals.

Confidence Funeral features diverse funeral packages tailored to respective religious needs, as part of our comprehensive funeral services in Singapore. We also provide advice to family members who may not share the same faith, allowing them to plan a proper religious funeral as per their deceased’s wishes, while also facilitating the wellbeing of religious leaders involved in the proceedings.

3. Professionalism

A team of effective funeral parlour staff does wonders in helping grieving family members to ease administrative tasks such as communication, movement flow, and certification. This lightens their overall burden and provides a solid pillar of support, which is essential during this period of mourning. Our funeral directors provide grief counselling to provide a listening ear and ensure that families’ requirements are fully taken care of, while helping them ease over tensions and arguments to ensure a smooth process.

In addition to providing quality funeral services in Singapore, Confidence Funeral’s team spared no expense in coordinating between the different parties involved, as well as providing resources to help bereaved families through the process of grieving the loss of their loved one. Take a look at some of the testimonials from some of our satisfied clients.

4. Location

It is important to consider the location of the chosen funeral parlour in Singapore, particularly for immediate family members who need to frequently return home to shower and rest, as well as for elderly family members who may have difficulty travelling to and from the venue. Confidence Funeral assists our clients in making reservations at funeral parlours in Singapore, such as Sin Ming, Teochew, and Tampines, subject to availability. We also arrange for transport from the wake to the cremation or burial venue, promoting a smooth flow and a meaningful experience.

Looking for quality funeral services in Singapore? Get in touch with Confidence Funeral today and let our staff guide you throughout the whole process.




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