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What are the essential, optional & aesthetic components in a funeral service

What Are The Essential, Optional & Aesthetic Components In A Funeral Service

What are the essential, optional & aesthetic components in a funeral service

Every funeral is unique. It serves as the last farewell for the deceased and immortalises their memories with loved ones. Funeral rituals help people heal from loss in ways words cannot. A funeral service speaks volumes about your spiritual, cultural, and religious beliefs. It also reflects the personality of the deceased and that of their loved ones. Depending on personal preference and ritual style, there will be different elements presented at a funeral. Here is a list curated for you to decide on the types of components to include.


Every component covered under this category is a must-have when a funeral service is held. Their presence is essential to honour the life of the deceased.

1. Casket

It is the main focal point at a funeral. Choosing a suitable casket for the deceased is especially meaningful as it reminisces your loved one’s passing. Besides considering the funeral cost in Singapore, the amount to spend on a casket is also a factor to take into account. Here is a guide to help you make more informed decisions.

  • Material

In general, metal caskets are more durable than wooden ones. Specifically, copper and bronze have high resistance to rusting, hence, caskets made from the two materials are priciest. There are also caskets built from woods such as poplar, pine, oak, pecan, etc. The most economical option will be cloth-covered fiberboard and pressed wood.

  • Size

Take note of the casket width as the length should not be an issue. However, an “oversized” casket should be considered if the body size of the deceased is larger than average. Generally, a standard casket is 84 inches long, 23 inches tall and 28 inches wide.

2. Rituals

As Singapore boasts a multicultural and multiracial landscape, funeral services are held based on different traditions and customs. Each funeral ritual features its own etiquettes and taboos. Some common types of Singapore funeral services you should know:

  • Taoist funerals
  • Buddhist funerals
  • Catholic funerals
  • Christian funerals
  • Free Thinker funerals

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3. Venue

Two locations should be chosen for each of the funeral wake and service respectively. Consult your funeral planner regarding the funeral arrangement as this helps to determine where the ceremonies will be held. In Singapore, funeral wakes usually take place at a void deck, funeral parlour, or home. Funeral services are hosted at the burial venue if the deceased is being buried. On the other hand, if the deceased is being cremated, a place of worship near the crematorium will be the funeral location. You may also want to take the capacity and attendees’ convenience into account. Consider whether the selected location provides enough accommodating capacity and its accessibility for friends and family to visit. 

4. Burial/ Cremation 

A funeral service also involves the process of burial/cremation. Seek assistance from a funeral director to reserve a slot for any of the services. Apart from the regular burial means, there is also the so-called “green burial”, where ashes of the deceased are mixed into a biodegradable urn together with tree seeds. When planning for funeral costs in Singapore, charges of burials should also be taken into account.


After determining the essential components in a funeral service, you may want to incorporate optional details for a more memorable funeral. The following items serve as great additions to a funeral’s aesthetics: 

1. Flowers

Choices of funeral flowers vary in terms of colour, budget, formality, or meanings of the particular type of flower. The common flowers used at a funeral include roses, lilies, carnations, gladioli and chrysanthemums.

Singapore funeral services Flowers

2. Flower arrangements

The ambience of a funeral can be created through funeral floral arrangements. The four common types of funeral floral arrangements include sprays, bouquets, crosses and wreaths. 

3. Decorations

Decor accents such as photo portraits, candles, lanterns and others help you to celebrate the deceased’s life and legacy in a more meaningful way.  

4. Food catering

Singapore funeral service providers offer food and catering services at a funeral. Meals and refreshments are usually served during the memorial service. Food offerings are also customisable. 


Funeral procession entourages allow loved ones to bid the deceased goodbye in a grand sendoff. Ensuring the right aesthetics reflects appreciation and respect to the deceased. Funeral processions also encourage community support. As the entire community is gathered on notice, they are invited to mourn and show respect for the bereaved family and friends. At the same time, they are enlightened about the preciousness of life.

Planning a funeral service can be daunting when you have vague ideas surrounding the process and details. We hope this article has been helpful in providing you with a better understanding on what are the essential, optional and aesthetic components in a funeral service. 

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